Flyjoy bars review !

Flyjoy snack bars aren't your typical snack bars they are made with real ingredients such as chia seeds, ground flax, oats, crunchy quinoa and they come in six unique and delicious flavors to choose from ! They make for the perfect snack whether your on the go or craving something sweet! 

I came across their products through Instagram and just had to try them! Their flavors sounded so tasty and unlike any other brand I've tried! 

I was sent their bars for a review for my blog j. Exchange for my honest opinions and couldn't wait to bite into them and tell you all what I think ! 

In case you've never heard of Flyjoy let me tell you all about them. 

It all began with founder of Flyjoy Curtis Bomgaars when he met Maria mother of four children where she worked on the outskirts of Quido, Ecuador. She opened up to Curtis and told him that she was barely making enough to pay the rent let alone afford it. 

He brought that information back with him to Iowa, and from there he went to work on a mission to come up with a business that empowers people who are in the same boat and to also most importantly break the cycle of poverty. 

He also started a company called Feed Adam which promotes, imports and sells quinoa based products from rural farmers in Ecuador to US consumers. 

Curtis started off in the kitchen, while he was in Ecuador he discovered quinoa which is a protein packed food staple from the Andes. What seemed like more than 100 attempts at whipping up a snack he came up with a mixture of ingredients which then was called Flyjoy which seizes the joy of children at play. 

What makes me like these bars and company even more is that a portion of the profit from each bar goes to Hope international directly which is a non profit that provides a safe place to save, business training and micro loans to the worlds poorest families. 

 Healthy stats:

Kosher certified
Gluten free
Non GMO 

Blueberry almond:

I'm a huge fan of blueberries so I couldn't wait to tear open the wrapper and bite into
this fruity and nutty bar! I loved how it was made with chunks of real blueberries tossed with oats and nuts making it great for a snack! 

Peanut cacao nib :

Wow this bar is super delicious I've never tried anything like it before in my life! It's sweet and salty mixed with cacao nibs, peanuts, chia seeds, flax meal, quinoa crisps, nut butter and almond butter with a dusting of organic brown rice syrup, turbinato  sugar and sea salt making it oh so tasty and helps cure that sweet tooth!

Coconut almond:

All I have to say about this bar is it tastes like an almond joy without the chocolate it's so good! 

Cherry coconut:

Tangy meets sweet in this bar of goodness with tangy cherries and sweetened coconut ! 

Cranberry almond:

Brought this bar with me to take to work for a mid morning snack and my was it tasty! The plump juicy tart cranberries with slivered almonds made the perfect snack to get me through the day ! 

Espresso cacao nib:

I'm a huge coffee fan so when I saw this bar I knew it was made for me and that I would love it ! This bar makes a great snack or perfect for when you need a quick pick me up. 






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