5 hour energy goes pink for Breast Cancer awareness month with Smiley360

There's been many times when we face that crashing feeling from being tired from working all night or day and just don't have the energy in us to keep going. 

So we sit gulp down countless cups of caffeine such as coffee or even soda to keep us going.

With 5 hour energy you'll feel energized and ready to take on anything in no time at all! 

I couldn't wait to try out my sample of pink lemonade 5hour energy that I was compensated for testing purposes only.  I've always loved Pink Lemonade it reminds me of summertime. This mission on smiley360 is like no other because October is breast cancer awareness month and to support the charity they have gone Pink ! 

Here's why you should give 5 hour energy a try!

Contains only 4 calories
It's quick simple and effective
Non carbonated 
Available in decaf 
Contains as much caffeine as a premium cup of coffee 
Contains B vitamins and Amino acids
Contains 0 grams of sugar 
Fast and easy to consume 

I'm always on the go and sometimes when I have no energy to do a workout I nibble on something to give me a boost to get me ready for my workout, well thank god for 5hour energy pink lemonade because the other day was one of those days! 

I loved the taste and how fast it began working and that it didn't wear off quickly it helped me get through my workout among other things that needed to be done around the house such as cleaning etc.

You to can support breast cancer awareness month by buying 5hr energy pink lemonade now through December 31, 2014 and Living Essentials will donate five cents from every specially marked bottle of 5hour energy pink lemonade to Living Beyond Breast Cancer. LBBC is a nonprofit organization that's devoted to connecting people with reliable breast cancer information and a body of support. Minimum guaranteed donation is $200,000.00 so help make a difference today and look for the white bottle of 5hour energy with the pink ribbon ! 



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