One potato two potato kettle chips review !

Meet spud one co-founder of One Potato Two Potato who has a zest for life, energetic and his self motivation drives him to be the best spud he can be ! Has his own personal style, and releases charisma through creativity. He's genuine and loyal especially to One Potato Two Potato snacks ! 

Meet spud two founder of One Potato two potato who seeks action and adventure and has a strong belief in bringing you a snack that's not only good tasting but healthy for you as well. Optimistic, carefree and loves gathering around a bonfire with loved ones munching on bbq, don't be shy give one potato two potato a try today! 

Meet vidalia cousin of spud one and spud two who layers us with sweet flavors who is sweet and compassionate and doesn't mind sharing her chips with us ! 

No msg 
Kettle cooked
All natural
Made with no preservatives or artificial ingredients or flavors
GMO free

I came across onepotatotwopotato snacks in my local grocery store and thought they sounded delicious and loved that they were made with all natural ingredients but wanted to learn more about them so I began researching them online when I got home. 

I learned that not only are they all natural but they are unlike any other potato chip ! I just had to try them! They make for a great snack when craving something salty like when your in the mood to pop in a DVD and watch a movie and want something to munch on ! 

One Potato Two Potato sent me their chips to try out for review in exchange for my honest opinions.

Here are the flavors that I was sent for review. 

Cracked pepper:

I do have to say these chips were crunchy, delicious and full of pepper specks on each chip ! They went perfectly on some organic tomato soup with an apple and grilled cheese for lunch ! 

Hawaiian BBQ :

Sweet bbq chips that complimented the sandwich very nicely and not overpowering as some bbq chips are ! 

Sweet onion:

Delicious crispy sweet onion chips go great with anything even dips ! 

Sweet potato:

One of my favorite foods is sweet potatoes they are so delicious and you can do so many things with them from baking to making chips out of them! 
These chips were the perfect pairing with my turkey sandwich from a local coffee shop for lunch they were crunchy and sweet ! These were the best sweet potato chips I've ever had! 

Naked sea salt:

I loved how the taste of the sea salt wasn't overpowering and they go along great with anything from soups, sandwiches or even on some baked macaroni for a crunchy topping ! 




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