Mee Eat Paleo Nut Butter Review!

Mee Eat Paleo  certified crossfit trainer,USA weightlifting sport performance coach, NASM certified personal trainer has a love for foods that are not only mouth watering but nutritious to and with that she created her own nut butters that contain no preservatives, no chemicals, or added sugars.
She does it all from the making of the nut butter to labeling and shipping out orders! 

When I came across Mee Lee's Mee Eat Paleo nut butters online I became quite interested in her products and had to try them!

So what's Paleo?

It's a diet where you eat foods that are whole foods.

I love nut butters they go great on so many things from fruits, toast,in a smoothie or drizzled on oatmeal! 

Mee Lee herself sent me her tasty nutty Quadruple nut butter for review and I couldn't wait to try it, just thinking of all the recipes I would use it in made my mouth water!

Quadruple nut power:

This isn't your ordinary nut butter, it's amazing it offers California organic walnuts, California almonds, pecans, organic golden flaxseed, organic vanilla beams, organic macadamia nuts,Sonoma sea salt, organic sunflower seeds and organic virgin coconut oil! I of course blended a tablespoon of this nutty nut butter into a smoothie which I call banana nut butter chip! I loved how you could taste the coconut flavor of the coconut oil! 

You can also slice up some apples and dip them into this out of this world amazing nut butter!

I've recently started the trend of making overnight oats in a jar and this nut butter drizzled on of course by heating in microwave for a few seconds would go perfectly on it with some chopped up pecans and a banana making it the perfect on the go breakfast!

You could even use as a frosting for some cupcakes as well!

New flavors are coming soon so be on the lookout for Paleo Pumpkin Spice and also chocolate Mee nut butter!

Order their products on their website!



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