Red Duck Foods Review!

What I loved about these ketchups from Red Duck Foods they don't lack in flavor, the ketchup isn't  runny or loaded with ingredients that are unhealthy.

When I came across their products online I just had to try them!

Couldn't wait to try the ketchups when I received them for review, I am in absolute love with their bottling they have the cutest red duck on the bottle which represents the University of Oregon the ducks and also ketchup is red so that's how Red Duck Foods got their name!
They are delicious, thick like a spaghetti sauce and work well with so many dishes!

Red Duck Facts:
Gluten Free
No high fructose corn syrup


Great on anything imaginable from home fries to hamburgers, even not dogs! Has a bit of a sweetness to it with a hint of smokiness which was oh so amazing! 

I've never tried anything like this ketchup before in my life! It was a bit different from your average ketchup your used to, it had curry added to it giving it a flavorful twist to it! Also goes perfectly with tofu, eggs, and even rice! 

I'm not too fond of spicy foods and have never tried a ketchup before that had a spicy kick added to it but I'm glad I did because it's not too strong and it's very good! Goes great on anything from French fries to meatloaf! 

Get your feet wet with Red Duck Ketchup today, check them out ok their website!





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