Primal Pacs Paleo on the go review!

Whether you've just had an intense workout in the gym or run you'll need to refuel your body with some real food such as protein for an after workout snack. It's time to get primal with Primal Pacs Paleo on the go!

So what is primal Pacs?

I came across their website one day and noticed their snacks and thought to myself hey I love beef jerky and got to try their snacks because not only do they contain beef jerky in the snack pack it contains dried up mangoes, tart cranberries that are lightly sweetened with apple juice and also nuts such as almonds and macadamia nuts! 

Pretty nifty idea to put it all in one package, it's like a trail mix but with meat inside mixed with fruit and nuts! 

They also have Pacs that have only jerky in them as well! 

I couldn't wait to try them out when I was sent them for review!

They are the perfect go to snack after a workout, hike, run or when you want a healthier snack option! 

Primal facts:
Grain free
Gluten free
No preservatives
No artificial ingredients 
Organic grass fed beef jerky 




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