Skinny Crisps review!

Whether sweet, salty or savory snacks such as crackers are fantastic they go along great with fruit, cream cheeses, soups, or even crumbled on top of a salad for croutons! 

When browsing the web one night I came  across Skinny Crisps online I just had to try them! They are handmade in Boulder Colorado and have all kinds of flavors! 

Skinny Crisps facts:

All natural
Gluten free
Low in carbohydrates

Made with:
chick pea flour
Ground almonds
Organic ground golden flax seed
Psyllium husks
Olive oil
Sea salt
Organic dehydrated cane juice 

Cinnamon crisps:

I couldn't believe at how good these cinnamon crisps were, they taste just like the cinnamon sugar pita chips from Stacy's! So good and you can add these crispy lightly sweetened cinnamon crisps to anything such as yogurt, fruit to add a crunchy sweet topping! They would go along perfect with a yogurt dip as well such as the famous fruit platters you buy in the store with the fruit flavored cream cheese that's out of this world amazing! Or even caramel sauce!

The whole shebang:
I crumbled some up on tonight's chili for dinner and it was so good! Tasted just like my favorite bagel which is an everything bagel of course! Loved the flavor, you can even cut up some cheese and fruits to serve these crackers! 

Plain Jane:

Would go along great with hummus !

Brownie crisps:

Mix with some yogurt and marshmallows for a tasty treat! 

Toasty onion:

Would go along great with some chicken salad!

Say cheese:
Would go great in some hot steaming tomato soup for a cheesy taste!

White sesame:

Would go along great with some softened cheese!


Would go along perfectly with scoop able tuna salad! 



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