Annmarie Gianni skincare Review!

Ever wonder what's actually in our products that we use on our skin?

Annmarie Gianni  took a long hard look at the products she was using on her own skin and it was quite shocking, the products we use aren't safe for us or our skin.

Some products that we have used before claim to be organic skincare  but aren't and hide chemicals which can make our skin feel dried out, too oily etc.

She was on a mission to make her own skincare products that are safe and are in fact all natural, Annmarie Gianni skincare was born!

When I came across Annmarie's products online I started thinking of my own skincare regimen of when I was a teenager and how my skin was and thought wow it was seriously because of the product I was using which made me break out!

I couldn't believe that I never thought about the types of chemicals that was in the skincare products I would use for my skin back then such as face scrubs, moisturizers or even mud masks!

It got me thinking and I just had to try their products!

I was them sent Annmarie Gianni's products for review and couldn't wait to try them!

Annmarie Gianni's facts:
All natural
Gluten free

Here are the items I was sent for review!

Aloe herb cleaner:
Removes dead skin, oils and dirt from your face without any harsh chemicals!

Coconut honey mask:
Not only is it a facial mask that smells divine but you can use it for those dry cracked heels,knees or even elbows as well! 

Ayurvedic facial scrub:
Not a gritty facial scrub which is great but it still works and revitalizes your face and makes you feel amazed!

Purifying mud mask:
Cleanses and removes all of the impurities 

Dead Sea facial scrub:
This facial scrub will remove dead skin cells making your skin feel smooth and add a healthy glow! 

Anti aging facial oil:
Helps get rid of fine lines

Anti aging serum:
Soothes the skin

Herbal facial oil:
Light moisturizer that's used for acne/oily proem skin to clear up unpleasant acne and make your skin feel better than ever!





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