Amazing Grass Review!

While shopping one day at the local store I came across Amazing Grass products which are protein powders and snack bars that is a medley of organic fruits, protein and veggies all in one concoction! I got to reading up on the ingredients and such, I became quite interested in their products being that they are made for adults and also children, I just had to try out their products for review! 

I make smoothies every morning for breakfast and add some sort of protein into them and when I was sent their products I couldn't wait to try them!

They have all sorts of flavors ranging from original to chocolate and even fruity flavors!

What's so great about their protein powders is that you can mix them in a smoothie for a quick grab and go breakfast when your on the run, mix with either milk or water !

Another great thing is that the kids won't even know that they are eating vegetables, so parents I'm sure that will make you happy instead of having them eat candy or junk food that clearly isn't good for them!

Here are some facts on amazing grass:
USDA Organic
Gluten free
Cold processed
No sugar added
Supports overall health and wellness 
Supports immune health 
Also supports healthy energy levels as well!

Green superfood energy bars:

Chocolate coconut:
I swear this bar was made just for me because I love coconut and chocolate combined! Amazing 
coconut flavor along with luscious chocolate! Great snack when craving something sweet.

Chocolate peanut butter:

Loved the great chocolate taste along with the creamy peanut butter swirled throughout the bar!

Berry bar:

This one wasn't my favorite I have to admit, it tasted like it had mint inside of it.

Chocolate bar:

I always thought it was weird to have chocolate mixed on with vegetables even in a protein bar, but it's amazing and tastes outrageously good! 

Sweet and savory almond:
What I loved about this bar was that it offered fruits and nuts and was a bit sweet !

Whole food energy:
This bar was surprisingly good! 

Amazing meal protein powders:

Chocolate infusion: 

amazing chocolate flavor!

Original: goes great in any type of smoothie!

Pomegranate mango infusion:

Deliciously healthy drink that you can feel good about! 

Chai vanilla infusion:

I don't normally drink chai drinks but wow this one was really good! Tasted just like vanilla coffee! Yum!

Cafe mocha:

Fantastic mocha flavor!

Green superfood powders: 

I still have yet to try these ones but when I do I will let you know what I think!

Chocolate green
Pineapple lemon grass
Orange dreamsicle 

Check them out on their website and order their products!






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