True North Granola Review!

One thing I love is granola it goes great on or in just about anything like smoothies, mixed with fruit, in ice cream or on my new favorite trend which is overnight oats in a jar! 

When I came across True North Granola on the web and heard about their granola I just had to try them!

Their granola is special because it's handmade and baked to perfection with all natural ingredients !

Ingrid and Franklin Chrisco began True North Granola company from their home in 2006 due to trying out granola in stores and they were well, dissatisfied with the options and taste that the granola offered. 

In Brattleboro Vermont they believed that their homemade granola was more nutritious than other brands that were on the shelves in the market.

Summer of 2006 they began selling their Go Nuts Granola in Brattleboro's own farmers market and was the best seller!

Word got out and they were on a mission and made up new flavors of their delicious granola! 

Now they have 9 different flavors and are sold in natural food stores throughout New York, Massachusetts and Vermont ! 

I was sent their granola for review and could not wait to try them all!

True Facts:
All natural 
No preservatives
No sugar added 

Granola Blues:

This granola is tasty it's got all kinds of stuff in it such as rolled oats mixed with sunflower seeds, pure maple syrup, almonds, unsalted cashews, coconut chips and dried blueberries sweetened with apple juice ! Goes along great with a bit of yogurt and topped off with some frozen fruit such as strawberries or blueberries! 

Pumpkin Granola:

Great for a topping on a pumpkin smoothie, or even baked on muffins for a festive touch! 

Go nuts Granola:

This granola is loaded with all kinds of nuts such as almonds, pecans and pistachios with tangy cranberries! Add to yogurt or some chopped up apples! Want to get real creative then microwave some fruit to make a syrup like sauce from the frozen fruit for an added sweetness to the granola and yogurt! It's so good! 

PomegrApple Granola:

This granola would be a great crunchy topping for a homemade bread recipe such as apple or even cranberry nut bread! 

No nuts Granola:

Spread some of your favorite peanut butter on diced up apples and then sprinkle on some no nuts granola for an added crunch! Perfect snack even the kids will love it! 

Apricot Granola:

 absolutely love apricots this granola was amazing! 

Choco Granola:

When craving something chocolaty add this delectable granola to some yogurt for a sweet treat that's guilt free!


If you love foods with a zing to it then you will love this Ginger granola! Goes along great on some fruit or even you guessed it yogurt!




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