Nana Joe's handcrafted Granola Review!

Outrageous tasting granola made by Nana Joe's which was born with the help of family and friends. Michelle created of Nana Joe's granola would bake up the granola and serve it up to her friends as a treat and her boyfriend said, why don't you just sell it?!

Michelle was set on a mission and went down to the courthouse and made it official got the permits, and license to start selling her famous granola!

While browsing the net one night I cake across her granola and just had to try it! 

What sets Nana Joe's granola apart from other granola brands is that they make it all by hand, they have dried fruits in each bag of delicious granola and made with all natural ingredients. 

Michelle sent me some of their tasty products to try out for review!

Nana joes facts:
Gluten free

Ocean Beach Granola bar:

The other day I packed this wonderful granola bar for an after workout snack for some much needed refueling! Packed with nuts, almond butter cacao nibs and even coffee! I couldn't wait to try it come on now a granola bar with coffee! If your a coffee addict like I am then you will love it! It's sweet but not overly sweet and would go along great with a hint of yogurt or even some cut up fresh fruit! I have to admit this is the Best granola bar I've ever had! 

Cluster Blend Granola: 

packed with yummy ingredients such as cashews and dehydrated white peaches! It was pure heaven biting into this fantastic granola! Sweetened with cinnamon and worked perfectly with some vanilla yogurt and fresh peaches!

Trifecta Blend:

If you love coconut mixed along with tangy cranberries and chocolaty cacao nibs then your going to love this granola blend! Mix it with yogurt, or just sprinkle it on some fresh fruit for a sweet crunchy topping! 
I had some yogurt and warmed up some strawberries and tossed in some granola and it was pure heaven ! Loved the hint of sweetness along with the nuttiness of the coconut! 

Sunset Blend: 
sweet and nutty pecans blended with coconut and mulberry! 

Seeded Blend: 
walnuts and cardamom sweetened with orange zest! What's not to love about this granola?! 

Tony's granola is extra special, it offers a ton of ingredients in it so it's more of a trail mix! 

Words from Michelle:
I said to him "Dad, this granola has a lot of stuff in it, can we call it a trail mix instead?." He said "sure."  

In honor of Tony who passed away from Brain Cancer all proceeds will benefit Brain Cancer Research. I think awareness and research will help others not only to extend their loved ones lives but make their quality of life less of a struggle. For more information contact me in the contact portion of this site.





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