Dancing Hawks Organics Protein Bars Review!

After my workouts at the gym I always like to have a snack on hand especially while on the go, what's better than a protein bar?

It's important to refuel your body after a workout with some protein whether it's yogurt, meat such as chicken, eggs or something quick for on the go like a protein bar!

When I came across Dancing HawksOrganics Bear Tracks Protein Bars on the web I had to try them, not just because they are made with organic ingredients which I love but they are made with chocolate and mixed with nuts, cranberries even peanut butter!

They sounded out of this world amazing and had me literally drooling at how good they sounded!

Paul himself sent me some for review and I couldn't wait to unleash the bear in me and try them!

When I opened the box I noticed they aren't like other protein bars at all, they looked like candy bars and also they didn't have a chalky like aftertaste that you would get from other protein bars.

They melt in your mouth and are unbelievably tasty!

Made with 100% Certified Organic Ingredients
Gluten free
Non GMO 
Soy free
Corn free
Made and packaged by hand! 

They don't just sell protein bars oh no they also sell candy!

Organic Butter Pecan Crunch
Organic Maple Glazed Pecans
Organic Key Lime Buttons
Organic peppermint Buttons

Protein Bars:

Brown Bear:

Semi sweet chocolate mixed with peanut butter, tangy cranberries, hemp seeds, sunflower seeds with crispy rice crunch pieces! So good and goes along great with some coffee or even broken up in some of your favorite yogurt! 

Papa Bear:

 this bar is so delicious and chock full of dark chocolate, pecans, coconut and sunflower seeds!

Grizzly Bear:

Satisfy the bear in you with decadent white chocolate, cinnamon, peanut butter and maple granola! I wasn't to fond of this one but it was good I have to admit that!

Black Bear:

Dark chocolate, cranberries, hemp seeds and sunflower seed butter.

What I like about these bars is that you can have one or a half one as a post workout pick me up or a dessert, even split it with those you love!

Check them out on the web and order their delicious bars on their website!




  1. Awesome protein bars, low in sugar and well balanced!


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