Primal Spirit jerky Foods Review!

After an intense workout I always look for a quick and easy snack to refuel my body and jerky is my go to snack because it's not only tasty but high in protein!

I've tried all kinds of jerky from turkey to beef and they were flavorful but hard to chew, it was like eating teriyaki in a Chinese restaurant on the stick.

When I came across  Primal Spirit Foods jerky I had to try them because they aren't like other jerky brands at all, theirs are meatless and all natural!

They are also made with shiitake mushrooms!

I was sent a package of their six tasty jerky to review, and I couldn't wait to try them!

Here are some facts below on them! Check them out!

Primal Facts:

All natural
Low in fat
Gluten free
High in protein
Non GMO soybeans
Available in six delicious flavors
No cholesterol 

Enjoyed by:
Outdoors people

I absolutely loved this teriyaki right here, it wasn't tough to chew like other jerky I've tried in the past it was moist, flavorful and made a great snack! 

Texas BBQ:
I love BBQ foods and this jerky is amazing! 

Mesquite lime:
Great flavor!

Hot and spicy:
I am not a huge fan of spicy foods but this jerky was good!

Hickory smoked:
Loved the smoky flavor!

Thai peanut:
Very good never tried anything like it before! 





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