Toilettree shampoo and soap dispenser review

Tired of all those shampoo and conditioner bottles falling down while showering? Toilettree  shampoo and soap dispenser has me covered! I was recently contacted by them to review their product and I chose to review the shampoo and soap dispenser. 

Your probably wondering well how do you use it especially in the shower am I right? Have you ever seen cleaning solution pumps that you would use to refill spray bottles? Well it's sort of like that! All you do is  wipe down the desired area where you want to mount it on the wall of your shower with some cleaning solution, then wipe it down. Then you would carefully apply the adhesive glue and mount onto the wall of the shower and let dry for 24 hours. Then you take the shampoo and soap bottle and snap them into place on the bracket. 

I used them as a shampoo and conditioner dispenser and it's so much more easier than having a cluttered mess of shampoo bottles, conditioners, body washes and all other products you would need in the shower. It's so easy to refill it you just open the lid on top of the bottle and squeeze your contents from the original shampoo bottle into the dispenser. Then when your ready to use the shampoo and or soap or conditioner whatever you put into your dispenser carefully pull the handle and it will trickle out onto your hands then lather up! 

It makes showering much more fun! 

They have all types of products for your bathroom needs such as oral care products, mirrors and even a bamboo bath tub caddy including much more!

Check them out on their website! 







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