Munch of Fun snacks review take two!

Not long ago I was sent a box of tasty snacks from munch of fun which is a company that offers healthy snacks delivered straight to your door!

The snacks are outrageously delicious and they are fantastic for field trips for the kids, long car rides and each box contains a special little treat such as a toy and a juice box! 

I was able to review yet another package from Munch of Fun ! 

This time I chose to review crunchy munch and nice to meat you.

I couldn't wait to open the boxes and start munching away on these tasty snacks just bursting with flavor.

Here is what each box contained:

Nice to meat you:

Barbara's oatmeal snackimals cookies:
Oatmeal cookies are my favorite, especially when they are shaped like animals! 

Kars sunflower kernels:
I loved sunflower seeds as a kid, whether it was sucking the salty goodness or spitting out the kernels I don't know! These really brought me back to my childhood! 

Vermont beef jerky stick:
I love jerky especially after a workout they are delicious, convenient and full of flavor I liked how it was moist and not dry as other jerky sticks are.

Wild garden hummus dip:
I love hummus, I've reviewed wild garden hummus before and I love it! They work well with chips, pitas and vegetables!

Rye crisp cracker:
Whether you pair this cracker with cheese, jelly or peanut butter or even in soup it's delicious and doesn't taste at all like cardboard like other crackers that I've tried do.

Berry berry fruitables juice box:
Bursting with berry goodness in every sip!

Crunchy munch:

Kashi sunny sunshine cereal:

Great tasting cereal lightly sweetened with honey, goes great with some almond milk topped with almonds and fruit! You could even add it to yogurt for a delightful and sweet crunchy topping !

Justin's chocolate hazelnut butter spread:

I love peanut butter you can use it in so many recipes from sandwiches, oatmeal, or even as a frosting on cakes and more! When I came a recipe on Pinterest for protein ball cookies this chocolaty hazelnut goodness popped into my head. So I grabbed out the ingredients which was an organic banana, the peanut butter and I melted it in the microwave for a bit until the banana got mushy along with the peanut butter. Then I added in the oatmeal I used Bobs red mill organic rolled oats a half cup to be exact. Tossed in some cinnamon and white chocolate chips rolled them into balls and let sit in an air tight container for a bit. They were outstanding! This is my new go to snack for an after workout treat! They are so easy to make!

Brothers all natural freeze dried strawberries and bananas :

Two of my favorite fruits blended together in this crispy little snack pouch, was the perfect touch to the kashi cereal!

Seneca apple cinnamon chips:
Crispy dried apples lightly sweetened with a dusting of cinnamon! Works wonders on yogurt! 

Fruitables strawberry kiwi juice box:
Strawberry and kiwi is the perfect pairing when it comes to juice! It's fruity, delicious and would make the perfect smoothie or slushie for a summertime treat!





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