Purex crystals Fresh Spring Waters dryer clothes review and giveaway!

Spring is here! The flowers are blooming the weather is nicer, the birds are singing. You know what that means the kids will be staying outside a lot more running around playing football with their friends which means grass stains, sweat and dirt ! 

Refresh stinky stained laundry with fresh water springs dryer sheets from Purex ! 
Not only does it refresh your laundry it makes the house smell amazing and you can also store the dryer sheets in linen closets, laundry hampers or in your laundry area!
The freshness lasts up to 30 days after you've thrown the dryer sheet into your dryer after you've washed your laundry! One thing I hate is static, ugh you touch something and poof your hair is all sticking up in all kinds of directions like you stuck your finger into an electrical socket and it's not pretty. These dryer sheets not only reduce static cling they also repel lint and pet hair!

I was sent a box of Purex crystals new Fresh Spring waters dryer sheets from Purex insider and couldn't wait to try them!

Let me tell you the smell is amazing, you can smell it right through the box that's how good it smells! Close your eyes your at a lake with the most beautiful flowers where there is a waterfall and the sun is glistening on the water.

My laundry has never smelled this good, I can picture myself sniffing my clothing for days just to see if it does last! What's so great about these dryer sheets is that you can use your favorite Purex liquid to make your laundry for even more freshness!

You to can experience  the freshness with Purex dryer sheets because it's giveaway time!

I will be selecting three lucky winners for a coupon redeemable for your very own free box of Purex crystal dryer sheets!

Good luck!


  1. Replies
    1. Love how soft and fluffy the towels get when using the dryer sheets!!

  2. Makes towels softer and smell fresher! I can't stop sniffing them!!

  3. Replies
    1. Nice! Love the clean fresh smell of them can seriously sniff for days lol!

  4. Replies
    1. I love how clean it makes the laundry smell !

  5. i use dryer sheets every time i dry my clothes.

    1. Awesome me too,when I have them that is lol.

  6. Lately I've been trying the dryer bars, but I am going to switch back because they leave smears on my clothing.

    1. Oh no that's terrible! I would definitely switch back too!

  7. *Thanks so much* Losing Weight My Mission and Purex! I look forward to trying Purex dryer sheets :)


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