Nibblr Box Review

Craving something sweet or savory? Well Nibblr has just the right snack for you delivered straight to your workplace or home to enjoy anytime! 

You can order snacks for every week, month and also cancel your subscription anytime. 

So what is nibblr, well it's a snack subscription box with a mix of sweet or savory snacks that offer salty, sweet, fruity and nutty snack mixes! Even better when chocolate is tossed in!  

They also make the perfect gift for that special someone. 

I love all kinds of mixes from sweet to savory they make the perfect snack for on the go.

What makes nibblr awesome is that they make their snacks with high quality ingredients that are in fact nutritious. 

They do contain:
other tree nuts
And nuts

When I came across their products online I just had to try them out!

I was sent a nibblr box for review and couldn't wait to open the snack mixes and taste test them.

I almost completely forgot about the snacks, I had received them a few weeks ago and never opened it! 

I couldn't hold off Amy longer I just had to try them!

Here are the ones I was sent! 
ABC's fruit mix:

A delicious sweet and tangy blend of dried apples, blueberries and cranberries dress up any kind of dish such as salads, oatmeal and even yogurt!

Sesa me and you:

Toasted almonds tossed in honey and coated with sesame seeds, these nuts are flavorful and went along great on top of my salad I had for lunch which was on a bed of organic spinach with dried cranberries, sections of organic oranges, goat cheese and some grapes ! It was the perfect lunch! 

Turtle twist:
Who doesn't love caramel, chocolate and pecans in a delightful treat?! It's one of my favorite ice cream desserts the sweet chewy caramel meets velvety smooth chocolate with crunchy pralines! So good!

Cranberry crumble:
This mix is outrageous it's mixed with chewy granola crumbles with vanilla pralines and chocolate covered cranberries! Your taste buds will thank you! 

You can get your first box free using the coupon code KELLIB buy yours today!!





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