Greenmountain creamery all natural yogurt review!

For all you yogurt lovers out there have you really looked at the nutrition labels on the yogurts that you buy especially for the children and thought what is this really and is it healthy for my family?

Don't you wish that there was a more healthier yogurt for them with safe ingredients that aren't masked with chemicals and taste good too?

Well look no further, Green mountain creamery  yogurt has you and your Family covered!

Their  artisanal yogurts are made  in Vermont with  new flavors for a sweet treat that's made with all natural ingredients with no artificial flavors,high fructose corn syrup, colors, additives or preservatives. 

When I came across their products in the store I knew I had to try them, I love yogurt whether blended up in a smoothie for a post workout snack or with granola and fruit!

I was even more intrigued in their products when I went on their website and found out they have yogurts in pouches that are convenient for kids for a snack on the go that are bursting with fruity flavors and even cotton candy!

I was sent their yogurt cups and yo yummy kids pouches for review and couldn't wait to try them out!

Yo yummy kids yogurt pouches:

Great for on the go snacking for kids and even adults! You can enjoy yummy flavors such as 

Mixed berry:
Delicious blend of berries that the kids will love! 

Cotton candy:
One of my all time favorite treats as a kid at the carnival was cotton candy! This drinkable cotton candy yogurt sure brought me back to my childhood without the sticky mess on my hands of course! 

Strawberry banana:
Can't decide whether you want a banana yogurt or strawberry, you can have both with this creamy slurp able yogurt pouch for an on the go quick snack! 


So good and goes along great with almond milk in a smoothie with some pb2 for a pb&j smoothie! 

Yogurt cups:

Pineapple: one of my favorite fruits is pineapple and this yogurt was amazing! Fruity and made the perfect post workout snack!

Plain: I'm not really a fan of plain yogurt all by itself to me it offers a sour taste but not this one from Green mountain oh no, it's creamy, delicious and works great as a fruit and yogurt dip or even as a salad dressing! I squeezed in some orange juice from an organic orange I had laying around in the house and added some honey with orange zest and it was fruity with a hint of sweetness and worked perfect with the salad I had for dinner! It's also great with some frozen organic blueberries and organic almonds on top!

Plump and juicy blueberries throughout the yogurt! Goes great in a smoothie or even oatmeal! 

What comes to mind when I took a bite of this strawberry yogurt is a shortcake topped with strawberries and whip cream piled high on a fluffy cake that's how good it is! 

Whether you add frozen fruit, almonds, pecans or in a smoothie vanilla yogurt never fails to make a healthy and delectable snack !

I liked this flavor it went well in the overnight oats that I prepared and topped it off with a bit of organic raisins it tasted just like pancakes, hold the syrup! 

Juicy peaches tossed right into this yogurt make you fall in love at first bite! 

Black cherry:
Chunks of whole Juicy cherries blended right into this delightful cup! 





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