Superberries Aronia berry juice concentrate review!

Kenny Sailors founder of Superberries discovered the amazing health benefits of the arionia berry which is a purple berry that's chock full of antioxidants.

He was on a mission and learned all about this super berry, not only is it tasty but it's got major health benefits. 

He then started planting Aronia bushes all over the place as well as maintaining them.

He then started selling Aronia berries under the Superberries brand in Omaha Nebraska. 

Word got out about the major health benefits due to word of mouth and teamed up with Westin foods.

He knows first hand that the Aronia berry is packed with health benefits due to when his brother was suffering with liver damage. 

He started feeding him Aronia berries and his health started improving!

That's amazing, how awesome is that?!

He began gaining weight and soon after returned back to work and lived beyond than what the doctors had expected.

Kenny's personal experience with his brother lead him to spread the word about just how powerful these berries are.

When I heard his story and just how powerful Aronia berries are I just had to try their products! 

For review I was sent their Aronia berry juice concentrate, and since I'm nuts about smoothies I knew they would make them even more delicious.

I blended up a peanut butter smoothie and added in some frozen organic blueberries, organic banana ,almond milk, organic vanilla yogurt and a table spoon of the berry juice concentrate and it tasted like a peanut butter jelly sandwich !

So whether you blend it up in a smoothie, drizzle some on pancakes or add it to yogurt for a delightful berry flavor it sure is out of this world berry Licious ! Wait is that even a word?!

You can also add it to salads and more! 

You can find their products in a gummy chews form, freshly frozen Aronia berries or even their juice concentrate form.

Check them out online and connect with them on their social media sites below.





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