Organic Pasta Prima cheese ravioli

When it comes to ravioli what's your favorite filling?

Mine is cheese, it's creamy, delicious and goes along great with a bit of sauce with a side salad and of course chicken! 

Not long ago Pasta Prima had sent out an email for a free product coupon for the first lets say 250 people that emailed back immediately stating their favorite filling for ravioli. 

So I quickly responded and told them that I loved cheese ravioli!

The coupon arrived and I couldn't wait to sink my teeth into the ravioli, I haven't had any in quite some time.

They don't make just cheese stuffed ravioli either I came across lobster ravioli and much more in the store the other day!

So for dinner we made chicken with a salad which had some dried cranberries, an organic diced apple in it and of course the finishing touch to the meal was the cheese stuffed ravioli!

It was the best ravioli I've tried, it wasn't too cheesy and paired perfectly with Newmans pasta sauce! 


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