Chimpfood Raw meal bar review

To survive our bodies need foods that are not only healthy but packed with nutrients that keep us going throughout the day.

In order for me to keep going I grab a snack to take with me for after my workout in the gym before I'm off to work for the day, which is usually something with protein like yogurt or a protein bar.

Let's face it not all bars are good for us, I mean have you read the ingredients on the labels? 

When I happened upon Chimpfood on their website I was interested in their products and I'll tell you why.

Their motto in their own words is "eat like you should, eat like a chimp."

Did you know that our closest living relative are chimpanzees?

Think about it, we are 99% alike and our digestive systems are exactly the same, which would make sense if we eat like they do. 

Here's what they don't eat:

No dairy
No meat
No eggs

They consume:
1/3 veggies
2/3 fruit
With nuts, berries and seeds as well.

Chimp food products have the perfect amount of the good stuff in every bite and sip that you would need for the whole day.

In each bar or drink you will get your daily dose of fruits and veggies along with nuts as well such as almonds, pecans, cashews, pistachios, dates and walnuts.

I was sent their full day of nuts bar and it was packed with nuts and sweetened with dates, it tasted just like a snickers bar but without the chocolate and caramel filling! It was nutrageous and held me till lunch time! 

I would have loved to try their other bar being that it offers chia seeds in it to see how different tasting the bars are but I absolutely loved the one I was sent!

I highly recommend their products not only because they are healthy and delicious but because they are made with raw ingredients and our bodies deserve healthy nutritious foods! 

Eat like a chimp, check out their products on their site! 




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