Rumiano cheddar slices: Alternative food coop find!

Today I stopped at this local market Alternative food coop which is a fantastic store that carries natural and organic products and they ever carry local farmers products such as milk, eggs and more! I've been in there before and I love it! They also sell smoothies, soups, sandwiches if you have a rumble in your tummy from walking around. So I'm walking around and  abruptly stopped at the freezer section and my mouth dropped, I came across Rumiano mild cheddar cheese slices!

I've reviewed their cheeses before not long ago and they are seriously the best cheese ever! 

So when I came across the cheese I had to buy them because the Wholefoods I found the cheese at for the review only had the cheese in the block rather than the slices so I was completely psyched to use this cheese in anything from sandwiches or even salads! 


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