Matefit 14 day tea cleanse review!

I've been hearing a lot about detox drinks lately and this product peaked my interested when I happened upon it online. With MateFitme tea you drink the metabolic tea in the morning fifteen minutes before eating breakfast and also fifteen minutes before you would eat lunch. You can mix it with lemon and honey to sweeten it up a bit. In the evening after dinner you drink the detox tea. Oh did I mention that the tea is organic? 

What the tea does it help you lose not only inches but weight as well along with diet and exercise you will get awesome results I've seen them and was skeptical at first but had to try it! 

Weight loss isn't easy it's a life changing event and you have to give it all you've got. Best of all you have to have great supporters whether friends and or family. I've been on my journey for two years and sure there have been times where I want to throw in the towel but I don't I keep going. 

There are always going to be new products out there and new fad diets that will or won't work helping you to lose weight. 

I was sent their 14 day mini cleanse of their tea and couldn't wait to get started along with tea bags and a shaker bottle to take my tea with me on the go! 

If your interested in their products here is more info about the tea I've tried.

Metabolic boost:
1.When you consume the metabolic boost it reduces bloating and puffiness in the abdomen making it leaner 
2. You will have more energy
3.boosts your metabolism 
4. Gets rid of unwanted pounds 

Use every other night after you eat a healthy dinner (free of caffeine)

1. Reduces cholesterol 
2.helps you relax 
3.cleans colon
4.healthier digestive system
5.improves metabolism 

Since using the teas I've felt less bloated and also less stressed and have much more energy. 

I'm proud to say that it really does work! 

I've been drinking the tea as directed for a week now and have lost a total of two whole pounds! 

I can't believe it works I'm a true believer in matefitme tea ! Like I said before I'm not much of a tea drinker, sure I'll occasionally have iced tea during the summer, but I sure love coffee! 

Oh that's another thing, I haven't had coffee in a whole week !! 

Matefitme also reduces your sweet cravings as well!

I've stepped up my exercise routine by not only going to the gym six days a week but working out at home along with workout DVDs as well as taking walks and eating healthy. 

So I've reached the 14 days of drinking the tea, yea!! The results are in... Drum roll please! I've lost a total of 4 pounds!! 

Bringing my weight loss total to 110 pounds! 

Want to learn about matefitme and their products check them out online!  





  1. wow! i just ordered mate fit after seeing my classmate lose 6 lbs in 14 days and i wanted to see others experiences with it. good for you and you look great :)

  2. ive just ordered mine, drinking it for two days now

    1. Awesome!! Did you like it?! What was your opinion on it?!

  3. Can you drink coffee while using this?

    1. So sorry I'm getting back to you so late Melissa I'm not sure if you could drink coffee while doing the tea cleanse, good question though since I love coffee myself lol!

  4. Just received by package in Hong Kong! And today is my very first day of detox... excited to lose some pounds!

    1. Awesome ! Do tell and let me know how you like it and how it worked for you!


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