Vermont Village Apple Sauce Review!

As the Summer comes to an end and the kids start to go back to school you know what that means right?

Fall is right around the corner which is the best time of the year because the leaves from the trees change pretty colors and start to fall. 

Which is also the best time of the year for my favorite past time which is apple picking!

Just think of the recipes you can dish up with all of the apples that you've picked from apple pie to apple butter, even you guess it apple sauce!

Which is what brought me to this wonderful review to share with you all today!

Vermont Village sent me some of their organic apple sauces for review and they sound so tasty and couldn't wait to try them!

Here are the flavors they sent for review!

Let me just say these can't even compare to other brands that I've tried because they are simply the best!

You can seriously smell the apple orchard right when you peel off the tab to savor that first delicious bite of sweet tasting apple sauce and they taste so fresh!

I've never tried peach apple sauce before in my life,since I love peaches though I thought to myself how different could it really taste?

It was phenomenal, it offered the right amount of peach flavor and wasn't too sweet at all!

Mixed Berry:
Delicious berry taste and so good!

Works well with some raisins tossed in!

Other Flavors:

Strawberry Banana
Tropical Mango

They even have apple butters!

You know the old saying an apple a day keeps the doctor away?

So true!

Nutritional Facts in apples:

Helps promote weight loss
Cancer prevention
Dental hygiene
Heart Health
healthy lungs
Overall health- lowers blood cholesterol,lowers risk of heart disease  


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