Three Twins Ice Cream Review

During the Summer months sometimes you just need to cool down with a sweet cold treat and what better way to cool off with some ice cream!

Whether it's chocolaty or fruity I'm a huge fan of ice cream. As a kid I would wait for the sound of the bell of the ice cream man's truck and rush out the door with the other kids in the neighborhood with money just waiting for something sweet to eat to cool down!

To this day I love ice cream whether it's on a cone or in a dish with some sliced up fruit or sprinkles or even blended up as a milk shake!

OK, I'm getting totally ahead of myself over here, LOL!

Three Twins Ice Cream company has been making delicious ice cream since 2005 in Northern California using organic ingredients that taste oh so good!

I am proud to say I got to try their ice cream, they sent me some coupons for review and I couldn't wait to choose the flavors I wanted to test out.

Flavors I chose:

Chocolate Orange Confetti-

This one right here is to die for! Here's why.

Delicious chocolate ice cream with robust orange flair and dark chocolate flecks!

Sea Salted Caramel-
Velvety smooth Caramel ice cream infused with sea salt, so delicious you don't even need an ice cream cone or any other toppings!

Chocolate Peanut Butter - 

Smooth and creamy peanut butter ice cream mixed with rich decadent chocolate and the best part, peanut butter cups! Perfect treat on a hot Summer day!

Other Flavors:
Lemon Cookie
-so sad that Whole Foods didn't carry it, so wanted to try it!
Mocha Difference
Cookies and Cream
Dad's Cardamom
Fair Trade Vanilla Bean Speck
Vanilla Chocolate Chip
Bittersweet Chocolate
Chocolate Malt
Mint Confetti
Strawberry Je Ne Sais Quoi


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