Dutch Country Pantry Review!

I was beyond excited to pick some items for review from Dutch Country Pantry and couldn't wait to try them out!
Especially when I found out that their products are not only healthy but delicious! 

Chocolate fudge:

Great chocolate flavor and super delicious! Loved the texture of it because you could spread it on some delicious biscotti for an added touch or even spread on brownies as a frosting!

Apple snitz:

I love fruit especially apples and fall is right around the corner! 
I've tried something similar before and fell in love with them great apple flavor and what's great about these luscious apple pieces is that you can add them to a nice hot steaming bowl of oatmeal or even yogurt with some raisins!

Birch beer:

I loved birch beer soda as a kid and sipping on it reminded me of my childhood, great flavor!

Kaufman's strawberry jam:

Dress up your morning with this delicious spreadable jam bursting with plump juicy strawberries!
 What's great about the jam is that you can swirl it into some plain yogurt to add sweetness, on toast, bagels, English muffins or even on muffins or if you want to get real creative whip up some cup cakes and add some jam into the center so you get that jelly doughnut flare to it! 



  1. Chocolates!! I love it. I will try it too. It is really nice that it is healthy and delicious both.

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  2. Coffee and chocolates!! Both are my favorite. Best thing in both that they are very helpful for weight loss.

    Kopi Luwak

  3. That's not coffee in the can its soda lol


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