Bai 5 Drinks Review!

I'm sure all of you coffee drinkers like myself know that coffee comes from a bean, but did you know that the outside of the bean is called a super fruit?

Never knew that until now with these fruity coffee fruit infused juices from Bai 5 drinks

Infuse the antioxidant power of  the super fruit with juice and your probably thinking coffee and juice ew gross, it doesn't taste like coffee at all they are fruity and oh so delicious!

Ive seen their juices in stores before but have never tried them and was a bit curious,  was sent their juices for review and couldn't wait to give them a try!


Molokai coconut: 
Exotic sweet coconut flavor and just the right amount of sweetness

Limu lemon:

Costa Rica clementine:

Brasilia blueberry:
 Luscious blueberry flavor, reminded me of Grape Jelly actually! So good and full of flavor packed with antioxidants!

Congo pear:

Malawi mango:
delicious sweet mango flavor

Sumatra dragon fruit: 
I absolutely loved this flavor it was so delicious and tasted just like a vitamin water I've had before!

Panama peach- juicy peach flavor and so refreshing 



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