Flower Party by Night Yves Rocher Review

 Sometimes you just need to let your hair down and pamper yourself and leave your worries behind. What better way to do so with the best products imaginable whether its bubble bath, shower gel, a moisturizing lotion, or sweet smelling perfume to feel luxuriously smooth, sexy and confident.

Ever have that one lotion or spray that you put on and the scent just doesn't last as long as you want it to?

Let me tell you these products from Yves Rocher that I've received for review are amazing they smell  oh so good and it lasts all day!

Body lotion:

Leaves your skin so soft leaving a floral scent behind, even you'll want to sniff at it all day and night it smells that good!

Shower gel:

Relaxing fruity scent whether on a bath sponge or for running a tranquil bubble bath.


Delicious fruity aroma that will last all day long and smells incredibly amazing.

What I loved:
Smelled amazing
Lasts long 
Loved the fancy perfume bottle 
Not an overpowering scent

I loved them all!



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