My Weight Loss Story

Senior Year of High School was my heaviest weight I have ever been.

All my life I've been known as the fat kid, I was easily targeted each day and it was a struggle for me to get up each morning just to go to school because I hated it.

To me it was dreadful just going to school and hearing the laughs from the kids  that would make fun of me day in and day out, worst part is some of them were even my own friends or at least I thought they were.

I would come home each day and cry my eyes out because of the hurtful words that were thrown at me on a daily basis.

You start believing the things people say and thinking your worthless, as a child you want to be accepted by your peers, am I right?

I then covered myself up in jackets a lot even during the summer time, I didn't care if I was sweating from layers of clothing.

So I started thinking I was worthless and it just made me eat more and the weight packed on throughout the years and continued into adulthood. 

I've tried many diets and done the exercising thing but it was just too much work to do, it's not like I only had to lose 5 pounds, and I wasn't ready for the change so I gave up after I lost some weight and then the weight went back on.

In 2007 I was diagnosed with gallstones which is very painful and was due to poor dieting by eating fried foods so I started watching what I ate and exercised then I also gained the weight back.

As I think of one of the most hurtful things someone has ever done to me was actually someone I trusted and was a dear close friend of mine at one point was when they left diet pills on my door step with a note attached saying to Fat S&*$ on it. 

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that it made me sick that someone I thought was a friend of mine could hurt me that bad and have the nerve to do that.

No diet pill or even diet made me want to lose weight that's a choice you've got to make on your own because it's life changing and especially when it's major weight loss it's a lot to take in.

I know this because I'm dealing with the changes now.

Each day I look in the mirror and see the person I once was, the fatter version of me, but more alive and beautiful.

It's a lot to take in.

My that's it moment finally came to me,

Last year I thought to myself you have a choice you either stay like this forever or you get out there and work your butt off!

I joined Curves gym, started watching more of what I ate, and exercised a lot more.

I have to admit I used to hate exercising but once I started losing weight it made me feel good.

All of the Curves workers and members are so nice and helpful and they are like family.

I feel better about myself, I have lost a lot of weight and look fantastic!

Here's me down 88 pounds after 1 year of Curves! 

I used to think it was impossible to lose weight especially major weight but it's not, it sure is a challenge but I was ready !

It's a great feeling when you can buy clothing at a store that you could never fit into.

I dress more dressy now and have no intentions of finding baggy clothing ever again that I used to cover myself up in.

I'm still going strong and will continue, you can count on it ;) 


  1. You are doing AMAZING ,Kelly !! So proud and happy for you !

  2. Thank you ladies! I never thought it was possible until I believed in myself!

  3. Kelli, I would like to invite you to hang out with my friends and I on my Weight Loss Site. It is not just people whom have Weight Loss Surgery as I have, it is a place to find people who can relate to Weight in general.

    We would love to have you...

    Hugs, Sherri


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