Perky Jerky Review!

I was sent some jerky for review by Perky Jerky and I couldn't wait to sink my teeth into them.

I've tried teriyaki before and loved it but can be tough to chew especially when on those sticks at your favorite Chinese food restaurant, well Perky Jerky is nothing like that at all!

They are meaty, full of flavor and bite sized strips perfect for snacking! 

Turkey Jerky:
Bursting with turkey flavor and not too salty. Loved that it wasn't way too chewy either like some other jerky brands can be.

Beef jerky:

A little peppery with delicious sweet beef flavor.

You could also pair it with a slice of cheese or even dice them up into small pieces and toss them on a salad!
Jerky facts:

High in protein
Low in fat
Low in calories
No nitrates
No preservatives
All natural
Low carb

Great post workout snack anytime of day to give you the boost you need!





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