Martinez Salsa Review!

In Mexico's Yucatan peninsula great grandmother Martinez concocted authentic salsa five generations ago and well known for the fire roasted salsa which was only sold in Mexico until now!

I've tried my fair share of salsa before but some were either too runny, too peppery or just didn't taste good to me until now that is because this salsa from Martinez salsa is the best ever I've tried!

I was sent some of their mouth watering salsa for review and will tell you about each one of them as soon as I try each one of them!

You can enjoy fire roasted salsa, mild and peach all in the comfort of your own home today!

Healthy facts:
All natural
Corn free
Gluten free 
Milk free
0 grams trans fat
MSG free

Works great on:
And more!

Peach salsa:
Ever since I've eaten at this burrito place called boloco I've been obsessed with their dish called the Mexican which features rice, beans, cheese, grilled chicken, salsa and guacamole on it.

Thought to myself hey that's easy I can make that in my own home! 

Well here it is pictured above using some Martinez peach salsa on top!

It's so good!

All the flavors mixed together were amazing my taste buds were dancing with excitement! 

The salsa was thick and not runny it gave juicy peach flavor which I absolutely loved!





  1. I like your taste. I will try it. It seems healthy and tasty.

    Kopi Luwak


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