Barnana Organics Review

Craving something sweet but you don't want to overload on junk food?

Give these tasty organic chocolate covered banana bites a try from Barnana, if your not a chocolate lover then try their banana chews which are chewy banana bites dusted with banana powder !

Even though I am on a mission to lead a healthier lifestyle I still like to enjoy some chocolate every now and then and what better way to eat it when it's covered in delicious chewy bananas! 

I've tried chocolate covered bananas in a previous review earlier and absolutely loved them!

So when I came across their website and saw these babies I knew I had to try them, they sent me a package of their chocolate banana bites and chewy banana bites for review!

Chocolate Covered Banana Bites:

They are delicious and such a great snack to bring to the movies instead of eating all that unwanted junk food!

I loved the taste of them, smooth and creamy almost like a caramel type texture with the chewiness of the bananas and luscious chocolate!

Chewy Banana Bites sprinkled with Banana Powder:
I was a bit skeptical to try this one at first, but I am glad I tried it because they are outstanding!

Perfect banana taste throughout the chews with a delicious banana powder sprinkled on top, works great in yogurt!


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