Quest Protein: White Chocolate Raspberry protein bar review!

Look who's back for another review on the blog!

Quest Protein has a new flavor which is white chocolate raspberry and I just had to try it!

You've probably seen my other review of their protein bars and I absolutely love them!

They are full of protein and give me just what my body needs after an intense workout.

It's also great for a quick and easy snack that you can just put into your bag to tag along with you.

I like that these bars aren't overload with sugar that we just don't need and also it keeps me energized to get through the day.

I haven't tried any bars of theirs that I didn't like I loved them all and couldn't wait to give their new flavor a try when they sent me a box for review!

White chocolate raspberry: 

Wow the taste was so delicious reminded me of an unhealthy cheesecake or something like it but so much better. 

I couldn't stop nibbling on it while working today it was just that good!  

Velvety smooth luscious white chocolate with raspberry swirled all over in every single mouth watering bite!

You need to check them out on their pages below!








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