Honey Stinger Review!

Are you an athlete or on the prowl for a snack that not only tastes good but is made with organic ingredients? Look no further Honey Stinger has you covered with all kinds of products to choose from such as protein bars, energy chews, gels and waffles to meet your needs whether your a biker, surfer, runner, lifter and much more these snacks are made for you!

It all began with Ralph and Luella Gamber in Steamboat Springs Colorado in 1946 which is now the largest honey company in the USA. Bill Gamber Sr. Operates and owns Dutch Gold honey and on the Honey Stinger board, his son  Bill Gamber is the co founder and CEO of Honey Stinger.

Then in 1954 they concocted their very own En-R-G Bar (En for energy R for Ralph and G for Gamber). They wanted a spin on the candy bars that were on the market. They wanted them to not only taste great but be made of all natural ingredients, with Ralph being a beekeeper they had just that, Honey!

In 1957 Luella and Ralph came up with all sorts of packaging ideas with Woodrow and Rita miller and Honey Bear was born!

They also came out with honey packets that are called "quick energy" which was used by Ralph's friend Roy Phillips head coach at F&M college used the packets as quick energy for his athletes.

They were on to something big but at the time the market wasn't ready for energy foods.

In 2002 they reestablished their brand En-R-G foods with the same goals in mind to provide honey based products that taste great and made with all natural ingredients.

In 2007 Honey Bear celebrated their 50th birthday and was officially named "Nugget ".
Now honey stinger makes all types of products such as protein bars,  energy gels, organic waffles, organic chews, organic wildflower honey, and energy bars that come in kid form as well for fuel for all types of activities such as biking, running, and more !

I've came across Honey Stinger products at Wholefoods market and became interested in their products and just had to see what the buzz was really all about I was then sent some of their products in exchange for my honest opinions.

Dark Chocolate Mocha cherry pro:

This bar takes it to a whole new level with ten grams of protein and it's so delicious and tastes just like a dessert, words can't even describe how good it is! It's seriously like a party inside your mouth what with all the yummy flavors mixed together! Ok I'm lying it was creamy from the chocolate with the robust mocha flavor with little pieces of cherries throughout each bite! Great for a post workout snack or when craving something sweet !

Other flavors for bars include:
Dark chocolate mint almond
Peanut butta
Dark chocolate coconut almond
Dark chocolate cherry almond

Gingerbread waffle:

Upon biting into this tasty waffle a warm feeling came over me it's like a holiday in your mouth! It tasted like a ginger snap cookie but in waffle form and it was chewy and made the perfect topping on my pumpkin smoothie. The ingredients I blended in the blender was an organic frozen banana, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, a hint of cinnamon sugar and a plain organic yogurt it was so delicious then I topped it off with a dollop of truwhip which is a vegan coolwhip topping and the gingerbread waffle right on top! It complimented the smoothie nicely with just the right amount of sweetness and I looked that the gingerbread wasn't overpowering!

Honey Waffle:

Chewy and lightly sweetened with honey! I topped it off with a few slices of organic banana and a dollop of truwhip and some cinnamon sugar !

Other waffle flavors include:

And Strawberry

Fruit smoothie organic energy chews:

Dairy free
Gluten free

With working, between dropping the kids off at school or soccer practice etc. keeping up with the house and all do you ever feel like your running low on energy? Especially if your going to be engaging in an intense workout or working all night or day then these chewy fruity energy bites are for you!

After running around all day from the gym to work I was feeling tired and felt like I had no energy left in me for an at home workout so I ripped open the bag of chews! I loved the taste of these fruit smoothie energy chews they tasted well like a smoothie but chewy! It was like a healthier version of a fruit snack that was always packed in my lunch as a kid but this one gives you a burst of energy so your ready to tackle anything !

Other flavors of energy chews include:

Cherry blossom
Orange blossom
Pink lemonade
Caffeinated cherry cola
Caffeinated lime aid
Pomegranate passion fruit

Their recovery gels come in all sorts of flavors ranging from chocolaty to fruity!

Thank you Honey Stinger for sending me your products for review, they are tasty and are going to be a staple in my home !

Want to see where Honey Stinger products are sold? Check them out on their website below!






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