The YesBar review !

It all began in Laurel Canyon, California by Abigail who created The YesBar due to her younger sons sensitivity to foods although he craved them but she found herself saying no and so she whipped up her own snacks that were in fact healthy and found them in her own kitchen.

She stumbled upon ingredients that were free of gluten, dairy, soy and corn so she started off with seeds and nuts then sweetened them with  maple syrup, cinnamon, vanilla bean powder and honey along with coconut butter and dried fruits. She then tossed in chia and hemp seeds for a nutritional boost and she thought why not toss in some chocolate too!

She tested out the recipe for months until she got the consistency that she was looking for but before that her sons, husband who'd take them on his long bike rides loved them and soon enough his buddies wanted them too as well as friends of the family.

Then they went to local stores who fell head over heels in love with the bars so much so they wanted to sell them!

I came across The YesBar company through Instagram one day and they are made with real ingredients and looked oh so delicious and I just had to try them!

I was sent samples of Yes bars for review in exchange for my honest opinion.

What exactly is YesBar ? Well it's a bar that is sort of like a cookie baked to perfection with tasty ingredients like raisins, pumpkin seeds, ground vanilla bean, cinnamon and much more!

Great for a tasty treat when you get that craving for something sweet.

Check this out, The YesBar was voted the best bar of 2013 in Paleo magazine !

Gluten free
Paleo friendly
Dairy free
Soy free
GMO free
Grain free

Mocha cayenne:

What can I say about this deliciously chewy and crunchy bar?! When you bite into it you first taste the sweetness from the chunks of cranberries, chocolate and the bold taste of mocha and then bam you feel the zing of cayenne that hits the back of your throat! It's amazing and I've never tried anything like it, so delicious !

Macadamia chocolate chip:

Perfect addition to my lunch, this bar was outstandingly delicious with crunchy nuts,  chunks of cherries and chocolate throughout each bite!

These bars are so good, check out where they are sold right now!







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