Pressels not just a pretzel Review!

While walking through the market one day I was browsing through the chip aisle and Pressels was staring straight at me saying you know you want to eat me I'm full of flavor and a cuter much smaller version of a bagel! 

From then it was love at first sight, I just knew I had to try them!

So when I got home I went online to learn more about them, here's what I gathered.

Pressels facts:

They are a baked pretzel thin chip
80% fat than regular potato chips 
100% natural
Great for dipping 
No preservatives 
No cholesterol 
No food colors
No msg
No artificial flavors
0 grams trans fat 
Non GMO 

Flavor is pressed right into these thin pretzels before the baking process making them unique and unlike any other pretzel company. 

I was so excited when I was sent Pressels for review for my blog in exchange for my honest opinion, here are the flavors that they come in.

Being a huge fan of pretzels I couldn't wait to try them with all sorts of tasty creations! 

Here are the flavors I was sent for review.


Did you know that their toasted sesame seeds come all the way from Gujarat India ?! baked right into the crispy pretzel with a touch of salt! Perfect on so e delicious tomato soup! Mmm good ! Here's where it gets a little naughty you could even spread on some cream cheese and jelly for a sweet snack!


New York style deli everything Pressels are Lightly dusted with black caraway, garlic, onion and sesame.
Tastes like an everything bagel only bite sized and great for dipping into anything imaginable from jam, spinach dip or any kind you like as well as cheese, salsa or even hummus! 


Crispy plain pretzel thats dusted with a hint of sea salt giving it great taste! you could even pair some with raisins and peanuts for a sweet and salty trail mix or even with some guacamole! Or serve with soup, even crumble up some on a salad as a crouton for a lightly salted crunch! After work I made a little snack to hold me till dinner and I mixed some tru-nutbutter with some water because it's a powders peanut butter and then spread a bit on the pretzels sliced up some organic strawberries. It was the tastiest snack ever and it tasted like a peanut butter sandwich without the crust! So yummy ! 

Some other tasty creations you could do with these delicious Pressels is make them into little bitty sandwiches for the kids to take for lunch in their lunch boxes with some little slices of ham or turkey even pepperoni! 

Serve it up with cucumber slices and spread on a bit of cream cheese for a nice satisfying light lunch!

Having a cookout or party of some kind serve them up with your favorite dip, salsa, cheese or even hummus or all of them so your guests can savor each and every flavor of Pressel bites!

I absolutely loved these pretzels or should I say Pressels?! They were great for a snack with some hummus when the sweet craving hit or served up with lunch with a side of cottage cheese, or in some soup for a hearty meal! What I loved most of all though was that I can eat and not feel guilty afterwards.

Check them out online at the websites listed below and see where you can purchase them in stores! 



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