Fitmiss Women's complete protein Review!

There's all types of protein products for men out there on the market wherever you look whether it's in powder form or liquid for pre or post workout but what about one designed for only women?

Women need to get their protein boost too, am I right ladies?

What if I told you there is protein products that are designed for us ladies? I came across Fitmiss protein while browsing through my local GNC shop for Questbars and I became intrigued about their products because one their designed for women and two whether your looking for a post workout boost, pre workout to get you going or to cleanse  your system Fitmiss has the right product out there for you!

Fitmiss and their team of experts have created workout routines and also a diet plan for women to follow.

I was sent Fitmiss products for review in exchange for my honest opinion and I couldn't wait to try them out!

Vanilla chai protein shake:

Helps curb hunger for hours leaving you feeling full
Low in calories
High in protein
Low carb
Gluten free

I've never had vanilla chai before whether in food or liquid form so I was a bit skeptical about it when I was sent it for review. Hardly ever though do I try something and not like it so I thought to myself well I like vanilla so why not give it a try, so I came across a recipe through Pinterest for a vanilla chai smoothie which called for vanilla protein powder and I said I wonder of the vanilla chai would work rather than using chai spice which I didn't have and it worked great! For the shake it consisted of a cup of rice milk, a frozen organic banana, the vanilla chai protein powder and I sprinkled on some cinnamon sugar! I thought that it would be a great way to recover after my workout at the gym this morning before work and it sure was, at first sip I was in love! I liked that the protein powder didn't have that chalky like consistency as other protein powders do, it was sweet with a touch of spice and was the perfect way to end my workout ! I will defiantly be buying this in the store when I find it !

Fitmiss cleanse capsules:

When I opened the package one of them were broken open and the powder that were in them was all over the place which is shown below in the photo.

Not to sound disgusting but did you know that the average persons colon accumulated up to 5 to 10 pounds of waste?! Gross right?! What the excess waste does to you is drain energy, can make you sick and makes you look bad. With Fitmiss cleanse it fully cleanses and detoxifies your system such as the colon, stomach, kidneys, liver, urinary tract and blood as well as your skin and lungs. You'll feel less bloated and have more energy along with loose fitting clothing in the tummy area! Fights off bacteria and parasites. These capsules sure are powerful little things but gentle enough for work and travel.

Check them out online to see where your can find Fitmiss products near you and connect with them on their social media sites listed below!





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