Fruigees organic squeezable fruit and veggie snacks review!

As you may know I'm on a mission to get healthy and I've lost a total of 119 pounds which I am so proud of and couldn't be happier but one thing that's hard to do when I'm on the go sometimes is eat right especially if I don't pack a healthy snack to take along with me! Eek the horror! It's so much better to take a snack with you that's not only healthy but tastes great as well and what better way to snack than with these squeezable fruit and veggie snacks called Fruigees!

Meet David and Josh founders of Fruigges that share a passion for food and living a healthy lifestyle.

David learned one day that while taking a pre med class that there were no healthy snacks for on the go eating for adults as well as kids.

In the summer of 2012 the two of them paired up and went to work and in their grandparents kitchen and that's when Fruigees was born!

Fruigees made their first debut in farmers markets throughout Los Angeles and now on shelves in SoCal!

So what exactly are Fruigees snacks?

Fruigees snacks is a snack with a blend of organic fruits and vegetables in a squeezable pouch that's easy for on the go snacking whether for kids or adults!

I came across their products on the web awhile back and just had to try them out being that I love quick and easy snacks to take to work with me!

I was sent a case of Fruigges snacks to try out for review in exchange for my honest opinions and here are the flavors that they have, but first let me tell you more about them!

Fruigees facts:

Certified organic
No sugar added
BPA free
Totally vegan
Certified kosher
Gluten free
A great source of vitamin C

Nothing Beets Cherry:

I brought one to work with me as the fruit for my lunch and wow it was amazing ! To me it tasted like a cherry pie but in liquid form! It was bursting with delicious sweet cherry flavor!

24 Carrot Orange:

I loved the taste of this one just as much as I did the other flavors! I came up with a creation of mixing it with vanilla yogurt for a snack to get me through the day at work and it was so delicious tasted just like a creamsicle !

Kalefornia Grape:

For lunch I paired it with some pop cakes, an organic banana and Fastachi nutbutter can you say it was amazing! It tasted like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich! Kalefornia grape was super yummy and it was thick like jelly it went along great on the pop cakes for a delicious and nutritious lunch while at my nephews football game!

See where Fruigees are sold in your area on their website listed below, also connect with them on their social media sites!

Squeeze in the good stuff with Fruigees, until next time everyone have a great day!






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