A Crowdtap Sampling: Skintimate Happy Legs with Mandarin Burst

When summer is here you want to look and feel your best whether it's getting a tan, going to the spa to get your hair cut, painting your toenails or just simply shaving your legs!

Having your legs waxed can be painful and expensive so why not pamper yourself at home with shaving your legs with Skintimate shave gel! Your legs will not only look great afterward but will be pain free!

Whether I'm going to the beach or just going out for the night I like to shave my legs not only to show them off in a new outfit but it makes me feel confident and my legs feel so soft!

Skintimate shave gel recently came out with a new scent which is Mandarin Burst and I'm so excited that Crowdtap picked me to try it out in exchange for my honest opinion!

Here's a photo of my sample and I !

My mom had introduced me to Skintimate products when I was younger and I've been a fan ever since!

Skintimate shave gels come in many fruity scents that smell not only amazing but condition your skin upon shaving so there's no getting cut with your razor!

How many of you have ever cut yourself shaving? It's so not fun and it hurts like crazy ouch not to mention showing off your hot sexy smooth legs with a bandaid right on the cut, like that's hot... Not!

When there's no Skintimate in the house I tend to use just soap and water which I usually tend to cut them up accidentally only making my legs feel dry and irritated.

So when I got the news that I was picked for the mandarin burst Skintimate sampling through crowdtap I was so relieved that I could ditch the soap for the shave gel and couldn't wait to get a whiff of the tropical scent from the can!

It smelled just as amazing as their other products I've tried! I loved the fruity scent of mandarins mixed with the zest of lemons and limes it was like my nose took me to this tropical island surrounded by glistening water with exotic fruit trees all around!

So what's the verdict on Mandarin Burst shave gel besides the scent?

I love that I get a close shave each time I shave my legs or underarms with Skintimate mandarin burst and how my legs are silky smooth without the irritation from shaving and that I feel more confident when I use Skintimate !

Want to experience smooth legs with Skintimate mandarin burst yourself?

Check out where Skintimate products are sold through their website below !

I loved being a part of this sampling I owe it all to Crowdtap and Skintimate , thank you so much for making me have #SkintimateHappyLegs !

Hope you all have a great sunny weekend! 








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