SaveTheUndies with Ubykotex Crowdtap Sampling !

Ladies let's face it that time of the month can be brutal when our period comes around  what with the cramping, moods swings, and not to mention those cravings for sweet or salty foods.

When I was in high school I had the most brutal periods not to be gross or anything but they were really heavy, the pain was almost unbearable at times because I was also very overweight which made it all the more uncomfortable.

All that's changed now but  when I have mine I not only want to be comfortable whether I'm working out or just at home relaxing on the couch lounging in a comfy pair of sweats I also want to be protected with the type of product I use whether it's tampons or pads or even panty liners.

It's a hassle at times to run to the bathroom to see if our so called period protection is keeping us protected from leaks and such especially while we're on the go with our daily busy lives whether at work, the gym, school and other places and last thing we want is a pair of undies that get ruined! Oh the horror and not to mention it's embarrassing and uncomfortable.

When I was younger I don't even know how many pairs of underwear got ruined due to messy periods.

I was selected through Crowdtap to help SaveTheUndies with Ubykotex and received complimentary samples of sleek tampons and panti liners for period protection. The best part of all my friends received samples as well! I've tried Ubykotex products in the past and love them so I couldn't wait to share them with the girls!

Here's a photo of us ladies with our samples to help SaveTheUndies !

What I like about their tampons is that they don't feel uncomfortable and the panti liners are great for those days when your period isn't so heavy and I like the neat designs on their packaging of products!

Let's be honest I would never post my undies on the web but Here's a photo of the pairs of undies I help save with my samples I have received for reviewing purposes only.

I just want to thank Crowdtap for picking me to help SaveTheUndies with my friends !

Want to check out where their products are sold? Check them out on their website and while your there you to can help SaveTheUndies by going to the top of their home page to where it says get a sample! There are a few different sample packs to choose from so get yours today!







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