Sendmeglutenfree subscription box review and giveaway!

With the kids in school now that means after school activities whether it be football, soccer, Girl Scouts and you have little time to yourself between going to work or even heading to the grocery store so you order pizza out and hand them money for school lunch or vending machine at school.

We tend to grab snacks from the vending machines whether we are at work or school because they are quick and convenient, but have you really thought about what's in our food we eat and other products we use such as personal care items?

With sendmeglutenfree you'll receive a box of 8-12 samples of both full size and sample size each month to test of both food, household items, supplements and personal care items for your gluten free or healthy lifestyle sent straight to your door! 

I came across their website through Instagram and had to check them out being that they sounded like a wonderful company that cares about their families, coworkers and consumers as well and created a nifty service that offers hand picked products of gluten free goodies each month for you to enjoy! 

I was sent a sendmeglutenfree box in exchange for my honest opinion and I couldn't wait to see what was in my sendmeglutenfree box just waiting in anticipation was driving me insane! 

I know one thing though when I opened it I was not disappointed at the products I saw! There was some I've tried before and some that I haven't and I couldn't wait to test everything out! 

What I love about subscription boxes is that there's so much to offer inside them with tasty treats for you to enjoy and products to pamper yourself making you feel extra special! 

Sure I was a bit skeptical when I saw some products that came in this months box but I'm not afraid to try stuff out to see if I like them, call me a foodie or adventurous I guess! 

Here's what was featured in this months box that I received! 

Beanfields BBQ chips:

Awhile back I've received Beanitos chips for review and fell head over heels in love with them! Their chips are amazingly delicious paired great with anything imaginable from salsa, dips, cheeses you name it or right out of the bag! In this months sendmeglutenfree box I received Beanitos BBQ chips and couldn't wait to rip open the bag and go to town on them they are just that good! 

 GoPicnic pepperoni and cheese meal kit:

I've tried a GoPicnic meal kit before and it was so delicious and it made for the perfect lunch while 
on the go from a day of shopping! I was ecstatic when I found one of their meals in this months 
Sendmeglutenfree box and couldn't wait to sink my teeth into the products in them and here is what the meal kit contained. 

Crunchmaster crackers:

Whole grain crackers Baked to perfection. These crackers are so good! 
I've done a review on Crunchmanster awhile back and they seriously are the best crackers that I've 
ever sunk my teeth into! They are crispy, full of flavor with a hint of salt.

Copper cowbell gourmet Asiago cheese spread:

This creamy spreadable cheese was the perfect addition to the crackers and how cute that it came with a tiny Wooden spoon to spread the cheese with!

Bridgford Turkey Pepperoni:
Can you believe that this pepperoni has 65% less fat than other leading pepperoni brands ?! Contains seven grams of protein. Loved that it wasn't too spicy and it blended well with the smoothness from the cheese and the crunch of the cracker! 

All natural Professor Zim Zams extraordinary sweets Zeppelin Sea salted caramel lollipop:

I love all things caramel and have never tried a caramel flavored lollipop before so when I saw it I couldn't wait to just tear off the wrapper and give it a lick! I'm telling you it was love at first lick!  It 
offered the right amount of sweetness to it and it's the perfect Halloween treat instead of indulging in your children's candy!

Sweet Perry orchards Baja blend Fruit and nut mix:

A delicious blend of mango cranberries with habanera almonds, with sea salted peanuts ! This nut 
mix would go great on some plain yogurt for a sweet and salty crunchy topping! 

Soy joy blueberry bar:

Made from ground whole soybeans into a delicious snack bar that's made with real fruit, gluten free, low glycemic index, 0grams trans fat. To me it tastes just like a blueberry muffin only better because it doesn't just have blueberries in it oh no it has  dried coconut, dried pineapple and white chocolate 
chips! Goes great as a snack or along with some fruit and yogurt for breakfast in the morning! 

Pamela's Pancake mix: 

I loved that this mix was already measured and all I had to do was mix up the batter with ingredients that I chose to throw in which wasn't much at all. Since it's September and it's getting a little cooler outside a thought popped into my head pumpkin pancakes and that's just what I whipped up for dinner tonight ! The best part is that it makes a total of six pancakes so there are leftovers for breakfast for the next day! All I had to do was toss the pancake mix into a bowl with the recommended ingredients on the back of the mix which was an organic egg, a half cup of water and 2 tsp of oil I mixed it all up then scooped out two tablespoons of the organic pumpkin mix from the can. I loved that this recipe was very easy to whip up for a filling meal ! I topped it off with pumpkin yogurt, chopped pecans and some cinnamon sugar for a festive appeal! It's ok if your drooling over the photos, I forgive you! The pancakes turned out to be fluffy and super delicious! 

Lovely candies:

I've seen these delightful chewy candies before at Target stores and couldn't wait to sink my teeth into them when I saw them inside the box! They are creamy, chewy and delicious and made for the perfect treat! 

Schar honey Graham's:

This cookie tasted like a graham cracker but better! It made the perfect crunchy topping on my banana cream pie smoothie with a hint of sweetness from the honey! 

Virtuous living spices:

Faith- wrapping you up in warm thoughts with cinnamon, vanilla beans and raw cane sugar. What came to mind when I read the ingredients of this spice was blueberry overnight oatmeal because it makes a great filling breakfast and it's so delicious sprinkled with a kiss of cinnamon! 
Giddyupandgo granola:

I love this granola it's chock full of tasty ingredients such as blueberries and more and I like the fact that it's chewy rather than hard so it doesn't feel like your chomping away on glass! It goes great with yogurt or even on top of some fresh fruit ! 

Savory choice authentic pho chicken broth:

I've heard of pho but have never tried before and let me tell you I'm so glad I did! I came across all sorts of recipes on the web that use all sorts of spices and soy sauce etc. so I just kept it simple by tossing in chicken, soba noodles, spices and scallions and it was so good and filling! The broth was not overpowering at all and it gave it a nice flavor! 

Kelapo organic virgin coconut oil:

I've never used coconut oil before so I was a bit afraid to use it and many ideas came to mind like should I cook with it?blend it into a smoothie etc. One thing for certain I couldn't wait to test it out! I had leftover stirfry from the other night and thought what could I do with the coconut oil hm, so I thought why not toss the rest of it into a crunchy tortilla wrap with some melted cheese shreds.  I loved that it gave my tortilla wrap a hint of sweetness while it cooked in the pan. 

Soapbox mandarin soap:

I've never heard of the soapbox brand before so when I saw it in the box I couldn't wait to tear open the package to test it out! I loved the way it made my hands feel after working up a luxurious lather with the soap and the sweet smell of mandarins. 

Be sure to enter the giveaway, good luck everyone ! 

There's also a 20% coupon code for all of my readers to purchase a box of their very own BLOG20.


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  1. I so want to win! Dont have any favorite GF snacks, but there are a few breads I enjoy. No, not gluten intolerant but I do like to eat GF foods.

    1. What breads are your favorite ?! I've tried a few some are way too dry! Same here I like GF foods as well ! Good luck ! 😃

    2. I like Vans, Rudis, Popchips, Enjoy Life - thats all i can think of now. :)

  2. Replies
    1. The box that the winner will receive will be a different box, the cookies are so yummy!

  3. i dont have any gluten allergies but would still love to try some new healthy snacks!

    1. Awesome ! What's your favorite healthy snack?!

  4. I love any kind of gluten free sweets. I have the worst sweet tooth and I find it a little bit challenging to find really good GF stuff.

    1. Awesome! What's your favorite gluten free sweet? I swear I have the worst sweet tooth as well lol ! It sure is a bit challenging to find good gf stuff

  5. I would have to say that love salty and savory -shaunie

    1. Do you have a favorite salty and savory snack?!


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