Pretzel Perfection gluten free twice baked pretzel sticks review!

Whether part of my meal or as a snack I like something with a crunch no matter if it's savory or sweet and what better way to snack on something than with pretzels sticks! They make a great snack served alongside cheese, dips, guacamole or even crumbled on top of soups or salads.

When I came across these delectable pretzel sticks by Pretzel Perfection I just had to bite into them they make all kinds of pretzels such as sweet such as their gluten free clusters for those who crave sweets with a creamy blend of chocolate mixed with peanut butter chips and more!  Or if your one who likes savory snacks then their twice baked pretzels are for you!

Here are some facts about their products:

Pretzel perfection facts:
All natural
Gluten free
Free of artificial colors, preservatives and flavors

Here are the flavors I was sent for review!

Chipotle BBQ:

Goes along well with just about anything or right out of the bag to nibble on for a zesty kick!

Stoneground mustard:

Goes great crumbled on a chicken salad with veggies for a crunchy topping!

Tomato basil:

Pairs perfectly with some mozzarella cheese with tomato as an appetizer or lunch ! You can even have the tomato basil pretzels with a nice piping bowl of creamy tomato soup!

Garlic herb:

Zesty garlic and herb pretzel goes along great with hummus, dip or even salsa ! I liked that it gave a bit of heat to the pretzels and that It paired along great with a side of organic grapes and a laughing cow spicy pepper jack cheese wedge for lunch!

Lemon toffee:

Creamy toffee blended with pungent rosemary and a touch of lemon makes this pretzel unique in it's own way!







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