Vichy Idelia life serum crowdtap sampling !

As a teenager my skin would often break out due to unhealthy eating, not getting enough sleep etc.

When I was that age I didn't really care about my appearance at all and to top it off I was overweight.

Now as an adult I've lost a lot of weight and treat myself every once in awhile to a food that I shouldn't eat which is fried food like fish and chips, pizza or even ice cream! My skin at times will break out but not like what it used to.

Don't you wish that you could still eat the foods you want at times or stay up late and not wake up with bags under your eyes or breakouts?

Now you can with Vichy Idealia life serum!

So what is Vichy Idealia life serum anyways?

Vichy Idealia life serum is a skin serum to moisturize your skin, refine pores, illuminates tone with a more youthful looking complexion!

As a member on Crowdtap I was hand picked for the Vichy Idealia life serum sampling and was sent samples for me and 5 friends to transform our skin in eight days to better flawless skin no matter if we stayed up all night or ate unhealthy foods because we've got protection with Idealia life serum!

I love being able to not only talk about a product but sharing them with friends and family as well because they can try it out themselves to see if they like the product and to see what results they get by applying a product such as this one!

Here are the lovely ladies I chose to share my samples with in the photos below!

Drumroll please, the results are in!

Day one:

I loved that when I applied it to my skin it didn't leave an oily feeling and it made my skin feel moisturized and have sort of a glow to it!

Day two:

I'm loving that this product didn't make my skin breakout like other products have done in the past. I feel better knowing it moisturizes my skin.

Day three:
My skin feels softer and looks more radiant than ever!

Day four:
I've been noticing that my face isn't dry at all or itchy from the weather changing thanks to the Vichy Idealia serum !

Day five:

I put my skin to the taste a bit by staying up a bit later and ate both sweet and salty foods and I didn't get any breakouts !

Day six:
What can I say my skin feels great since I've started the challenge I couldn't have asked for a better product!

Day seven:
Vichy Idealia eight day challenge is almost over and my skin has never felt this smooth I swear it's a miracle!

Day eight:

This product seriously has changed my life and my skin for the better it's the best skincare product that I've tried in a long time! My friends and I are loved taking the Vichy Idealia eight day challenge and are loving the results thanks Vichy Idealia and Crowdtap !

I am a huge fan of this product, whether you have acne, dry skin or any other skin problems I'm telling you that you will love Vichy Idealia it makes your skin shine I can't thank you enough Crowdtap and Vichy Idealia for picking me to host this lovely sample share !

my friends and family have really enjoyed using the Vichy Idealia life serum and adding it to our daily lives to make our skin look and feel more radiant!

Want more youthful looking skin? Take the Vichy Idealia 8 day challenge today!

Check out Vichy Idealia on their website to see where their products are sold !



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