Deliciously Healthy Nacheez dairy-free nacho sauce review !

It all began when Love and Joy Foods creator of Nacheez came up with the idea or concocting delicious vegan foods for everyone to enjoy!

Nacheez cheez sauce that's a product that you can use on nachos, broccoli, macaroni, baked potatoes and more is their first product created but not the last!

IIsa Hess creator of Nacheez who had gone vegan for about a year had gotten an urge to have some creamy nacho cheese, but she thought theres no way I'm going back to dairy so she created her very own inside her home kitchen in Auburn.

Linda Middlesworth vegetarian of twelve years and former board member of the Sacramento vegetarian society sat down and had a chat with IIsa and told her in her own words and I quote " you know the animals are still hurt even with dairy and eggs so why aren't you vegan". She thought to herself your right, but what if I decide to have Mexican food what ever am I going to have ?

Going out to eat with vegetarian friends were hard enough, so she took in to consideration vegan substitutes of the velvety cheesy Mexican ingredients that she had a dire craving for!

She then browsed the web trying out all sorts of vegan cheese recipes but they didn't taste right until she found one loaded with cashews as a main ingredient.

She then remembered standing over the stove and couldn't seem to put down the spoon while cooking the cheez sauce it was just too darn tasty!

She was amazed at how great it tasted and knew others would love it and that's when she bottled it up for them to be sold!

So what else is Nacheez made from?

Red bell pepper
Lemon juice
Organic corn starch
Lactic acid
Xanthan gum

With only 20 calories per serving two tablespoons to be exact you can spread it on anything imaginable that your little heart desires such as nachos, baked potatoes French fries, veggie burgers and much more!

Did I mention that they come in mild and spicy?

Vegans don't get enough of B12 so the yeast that's in the cheez packs in the nutrients that they need.

Nacheez is made from raw cashews which aren't cheap so the sauces are sold at $6.50 a jar which is a very reasonable price and worth it because they are so tasty and Shh it's the secret to their creaminess of the sauces!

Hess brought along her vegan cheeses at pot lucks hosted by Middlesworth and everyone fell head over heels in love with them!

Nacheez company orders the ingredients and bottles the sauce where it's been inspected for ph balance and more then it's shipped off to local stores and such for all to enjoy!

I came across Nacheez online and just had to try them out they sounded tasty and I'm a nacho cheese kind of gal I love it but it's not particularly healthy with all the fat in it !

I was sent some jars of Nacheez for review in exchange for my honest opinions and here is what I was sent!


I can't believe that this tasty cheez sauce is made with no dairy, it seriously taste like a nacho cheese dip I've tried in the past! I loved that it wasn't overpowering as some cheez sauces can be with either the taste or the spices used in them. It was creamy, cheesy and made the perfect addition to some vegan nachos for lunch that I whipped up with some Beyond meat beef crumbles, Food should taste good multigrain chips, scallions, black beans and tomatoes !

I'm not much of a spicy food fan but this sauce was outrageous and goes perfectly on tacos, burgers, macaroni and much more !


I decided to make some cheese burger macaroni with this delicious cheez sauce (two tablespoons) and some meatless beef crumbles from beyond meat and it was beyond amazing! It was cheesy, offered the right amount of heat and so delicious and made the perfect dinner!




  1. I love it nachos is my best food .But I must lose my weight and I eat easly :)


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