Be Healthy Be Better Bup protein bars review !

Whether I'm working out in the gym or at home the most important thing after a workout is protein to nourish your body after a good workout. 

Especially when I'm on the run going to work after the gym or shopping etc. I like a snack that's easy to grab with no measuring involved so I grab a protein bar because it's easy and two some of them offer a lot more protein than yogurt.

When I came across Bup protein bars they caught my eye because not only are they all natural and offer 20 grams of protein but they make one flavor that I've never even heard of for a protein bar in my life and that my friends is sugar cookie !!! 

I knew right when I found them I just had to try them! 

One of my all time favorite cookies especially around the holidays is the sugar cookie because it's sweet and buttery and looks almost too pretty to eat with the sprinkles on top! 

Bup facts:

Offers a whopping 20 grams of protein 
Low sodium
Gluten free 

Bup sent me there bars for review in exchange for my honest opinion.

Let me introduce to you their hunger satisfying delicious bars in these scrumptious 

Chocolate Mint:
If you love thin mint Girl Scout cookies then this bar is for you! It's chocolaty with a refreshing cool minty flavor.

Cinnamon Roll:

Come on now who doesn't love fresh baked cinnamon rolls you know the kind with the gooey cream cheese icing on them bursting with cinnamon goodness that you can smell from miles away?  I was in pure heaven while I was biting into this chewy, sweet and delicious bar after my workout in the gym this morning it was just that good! 

Sugar Cookie:

I've seen all around the web how you can bake Bupar and Questbars but never actually tried it until now that is! With the holidays upon us I thought I'd make gingerbread sugar cookies. So I tore open the sugar cookie Bupar and rolled it out with a rolling pin and pressed my gingerbread cookie cutter onto the bar and then set them on a non stick pan with some coconut oil and baked them for 4 minutes until golden brown and let them cool off a bit and then spread on some Vanilla Bean Superbutter for the icing then sprinkled on sprinkles. I couldn't wait to bite into these after my workout the smell of them alone was making my mouth water! They were amazing! Baking protein bars should be illegal that's how good these were ! They were soft and tasted just like a freshly baked sugar cookie like the ones you make around Christmas time but better because they are healthy and more easier to make! 







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