Coppersole Socks Bzzagent campaign

Not long ago I was selected on Bzzagent for the Copper Sole socks campaign and I was sent not one but three pairs of socks to get to try out for free! These socks aren't your ordinary socks either. 

So what's so important about Copper Sole socks and why are they different from any other sock brand out on the market? What makes Copper Sole socks so special is that they are the only socks with Cupron anti fungal fibers that help prevent and eliminate athletes foot as well as improve the elasticity of your skin and kills foot 

If you have children that play sports you know it can get pretty stinky! I don't know what's worse grass stains or smelly dirty gym socks! Ugh they are both right up there when it comes to the big ole stink factor! 

My nephew whom I love so much is on his high school football team and they work hard between practices and games and they work up quite a sweat and they get pretty dirty from being knocked down and stinky from sweat. Have you ever smelled dirty socks?! The smell is quite unbearable! It's a mix between moldy cheese and sweat! Ew gross! 

I gave my nephew some Copper Sole socks that I received from bzzagent for this wonderful campaign and he has put his feet to the test !  He's been wearing them for quite sometime now and he loves wearing them! He says that they are comfortable and keep his feet warm during football. Best of all no more foot odor ! 

When it comes to Copper Sole socks no other brand even comes close to theirs they are one of a kind and when being washed they need to be handled with proper care.

Here are some tips to use when washing your Copper Sole socks.

Do not dry clean
Do not use fabric softeners or laundry detergents that contain silicone 
Safe to wash with bleach 
Safe to wash at any temperature setting 
And they are safe to dry at any temperature setting (If using the hottest setting, do not dry for more than 30 minutes

Christmas is right around the corner and these socks would make the perfect gift for anyone whether you or someone you know are in their feet a lot, they suffer from athletes foot they will love these socks!

So go now and check them out on their website, what are you waiting for ?! 





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