Ricola Lemon Zest Revitalizing herb drops crowdtap sampling !

Cold and flu got you feeling under the weather? Nothing to fear when you've got Ricola cough drops at your side! I don't know about you but whenever I'm suffering from a cough or cold there's just something about sucking on a cough drop that makes me feel better almost immediately. 

Today I am going to share a new product with you all from Ricola, I was selected for the Ricola revitalizing herb drops sampling on Crowdtap and was sent a bag of their new lemon zest herb drops! 

For as long as I could remember when I was sick lemon cough drops soothed my sore throat and suppressed my cough and felt better in no time with the proper care and rest of course. 

Revitalizing herb drops give you a natural boost of energy when that cough or cold gets in the way and knocks you down. Each revitalizing herb drop has an effervescent which is a powder filled center that contains B- Vitamins and a zesty lemon flavor! 

They are coated with the same mix of Swiss alpine herbs that Ricola has been using for the past 80 years.

I've tried all sorts of cough drops in the past and some tasted like candy which doesn't make you feel any better when trying to cure a cold, then there are the ones that has that awful medicine like taste that make you want to spit out.

I am proud to say that I'm a true Ricola fan, they taste great and make me feel like myself when I am getting over a cold.
I loved the taste of the lemon and that it calmed my sore throat and didn't offer an aftertaste like other cough drops! 

Interested in trying the new Ricola product?! Check out your local stores to see where they are sold ! 



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