Superbutter Seed Butters Review!

Rich and nutty flavorful spreads that are made with the best of ingredients that contain no artificial anything and go along perfectly in oatmeal, pancakes, bread and much more ! 

So what's Superbutter and what's it made with since its nut free ?! 

Superbutter is a rich and nutty peanut free spread that's made with palm oil, cane sugar, sea salt, roasted sunflower, flax and sesame seeds that blend well with the nutty consistent that you'd get from crunchy peanut butter. The vanilla bean spread is made with real Madagascar bourbon vanilla seeds that enhance that velvety smooth vanilla flavor we all know and love ! For the creamy chocolaty Superbutter they make it with dark cocoa and it's melt in your mouth good ! Even eat it off the spoon I totally recommend it ! Shh I won't tell ! 

Superbutter facts:

Made from real ingredients 
Dairy free
Nut free
Peanut free
Gluten free
Soy free
Tree nut free
Dairy free 

Being  peanut and nut free it's safe to take to school or work for a snack or lunch.

You'll love the Creamy roasted flavor in every bite and the fact that it contains less fat than nut butter or peanut butters.

You seriously won't believe your taste buds when you bite into this delicious creamy seed butter it tastes just like peanut butter! 

Superbutter comes in these four flavors that I was sent for review.

Vanilla Bean:

I've never tried a Vanilla Bean spread before in my life so I couldn't wait to try it! I kept thinking of what to use it on a million times and nothing occurred to me until I made Sugar Cookie gingerbread men cookies out of a sugar cookie Bupar protein bar ! After the cookies baked the vanilla bean superbutter was spread on and topped off with some sprinkles for a post workout snack and it was delightful I'm talking about added flavor and protein all in one ! 


Chocolate and nut butter should be illegal that's how good it is ! It's sweet, creamy and delicious and goes great on anything imaginable from pancakes to oatmeal and much more ! I made chocolate peanut butter banana overnight oats this morning with Tastekickers all natural fruit powder and put a tablespoon of this lovely butter on top with some freshly sliced organic banana for a filling breakfast to hold me till lunch! 

Original crunchy:

It's nutty, it's creamy it's so delicious ! I enjoyed this butter on some rice thin cakes 
and it was out of this world amazing ! I also chopped up some organic banana to put on top with a sprinkle of cinnamon as well! 

Original Creamy:
I've made grilled cheeses before but have never tried grilled peanut butter sandwiches so that's just what I created for dinner after an intense workout ! I 
slathered on some original creamy seed butter on cinnamon raisin bread and diced up a banana and put that on as well along with a bit of pb2 powdered peanut butter and then put a hint of coconut oil on the bread after I heated the pan and waited patiently while it was cooking and couldn't wait to devour it ! My god was it good ! It was delicious, creamy, full of flavor and made a great sandwich ! 





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