Proud to be an Influenster member !

I've been a member on Influenster for quite sometime now and I do have to say I love it !  Let me tell you a little bit about their site first shall we.

On influenster you take surveys and based on your answers you'll receive a Voxbox which is filled with all sorts of products from makeup and more. 

I was selected for many voxboxes in the past and I do have to say my favorite one was the new Palmolive dish soap that came in three different scents that were amazing! They not only smelled good but they didn't dry my hands out when I washed the dishes and they made the dishes shine upon washing ! 

 I gotten all sorts of cool products to test out for free but I like how you get to interact with other Influenster members to share our thoughts about all kinds of products ranging from food to beauty and much more ! The site is so much fun and I highly recommend that you join today to become a member ! 


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