Skinny and company coconut oil review !

It all began three years ago with two brothers by the names of Luke and Matt Geddie and took off on a journey to Laos, India, Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand with a strong need to see what nature had in store for them. 

They worked as consultants for Thai businesses and volunteering in orphanages in India where they met wonderful people whom they created relationships with but experienced all so much that they would remember forever and share with loved ones for a lifetime. 

Opportunity was knocking in the beautiful country of Vietnam where Luke and Matt had found a culture of humble and friendly people that were living along the rich ecosystems that were spread across Vietnam which showed no signs of war from the past only vibrant colorful fruits and vegetables and grains that grew in the fertile soil of the jungles. 

That's when they found an array of healthy foods and they had gained sight for Vietnam through an idea to support the local community. 

An idea came to them in Southeast Asia which was to share the natural foods that they had found which was coconut oil! 

Upon their travels both Luke and Matt had the opportunity to build a partnership that would in fact benefit local businesses with 100% raw coconut oil. They then partnered up with Kim Vo operations/Asia in Vietnam. 

With the help of Kim Luke set up an import/export business which is called "catchrs" that brings the jars of what they call "coconut Heaven " straight from the Ben Tre to their doorstep in Indianapolis Indiana which is the crossroads of America. 

Luke and Matt went to work with their mother and Kim and created Skinny coconut oil company to bring healthy foods to America while still helping the people of Vietnam. 

I came across Skinny Coconut oil company through Instagram and had to check them out, their coconut oil sounded amazing with all off the added health benefits and much more I just had to try their product! 

What made me fall in love with this company and their product wasn't just because I love the taste of coconut and the health benefits but because they believe in working as a community.

Skinny coconut oil was kind enough to send me a sample of their finest coconut oil in exchange for my honest opinion and I do have to say that when I received my sample of Skinny and company coconut oil I couldn't wait to try it out, especially with cooking being that I love to cook! 

Some time ago I heard about coconut oil but have never tried it except for in things like granola and such that are already made until I tried Kelapo coconut oil that was sent in my Sendmeglutenfree box a few months back. 

I like the sweet and nutty taste of coconut it goes great on so many things from oatmeal to cookies and more! 

I thought coconut oil was for just cooking but I was so wrong on so many levels.

Who knew that skinny coconut oil had so many health benefits ! 

MCFA's that are found in skinny are in fact a type of fat that the body can change to a fuel which is called ketones. The molecules are in fact neuro protective and 
encouraging tasks that improves attention, memory and cognition ! 

It's made in the liver and the ketones travel to the brain where they will provide a substitute fuel to glucose (sugar). Ketones are then produced from healthy fatty acids 
that may help with cognitive decline in old age. 

When you switch out processed vegetable oils with MCFA's rich coconut oil it then promotes healthy immune function, skinny is a natural source of Lauric acid which is also a key nutrient that's also found in breast milk. 

The nutritious MCFA is also found in tube feedings and infant formulas that's used by 
physicians to help with their patients optimal health.

Been shown to protect heart cells from Lauric acid and promotes a healthy cardiovascular system. 

MCFA in skinny helps maintain your blood sugar levels.

MCFA's which are absorbed in the small intestine are transported immediately to the liver for energy that provides a long lasting energy that's all natural and more 
sustainable than grains, carbohydrates and sugars. 

Did you know that if you replace your unsaturated oils such as vegetable, soy bean or canola with skinny you'll activate your thyroid and then boost your metabolism which will lead to weight loss ?! 

Here are some ways you can use coconut oil for fitness:

Blend it into your pre and post workout smoothies
You can add to vegetables, oatmeal, eggs, rice, pasta 
Add to tea, yogurt and coffee 
Or even eat it right off the spoon ! 

Pre workout Health benefits:

Increases your energy and endurance during a workout that's made of MCFA's or 
(medium chain fatty acids) and produces energy that lasts long without that crashing feeling! 

Prevents muscle protein from being used as energy and then helps conserve lean body mass 

Before a competition many athletes will load up on MCFA's and increase performance during exercise or sports regimes.

When it comes to MCFA's they are used in the body as a fast acting source of energy and they could be used as a substitute source of energy for your muscles during a 
longer endurance exercise. 

Post workout health benefits:

When you add skinny coconut oil to your post workout smoothie you'll improve your 
ability to build muscle after you exercise and then reduce the time you need to recover after you workout. 

Skinny coconut oil is made up of medium chain fatty acids that require less energy and fewer enzymes in order to break down the standard fats making them a lot easier to absorb and digest. 

Skinny doesn't delay the carbs and amino acids that you've consumed from reaching your hungry muscles as much as other fats will post workout. 

Did you know that after any intense training our digestive systems aren't in the best condition to handle food? I had no idea! Skinny coconut oil will eliminate this problem because it acts as a prebiotic and coats the digestive system where you'll get more effective results with meals after training. 

Ever hear that rumor that of need to avoid fats after a post workout because it hinders an insulin response? Well with Skinny coconut oil benefits from that and helps you build muscle by increasing the insulin spike which is created by a post workout 
smoothie or meal. So don't fret about fat gain when you take a serving of skinny post 
workout because it won't be stored as body fat! 

Oral health benefits:

Lessen bad breath 
Reduce gum inflammation
Naturally whitens teeth
Strengthens immune system 

I've heard great things about oil pulling and never have tried it and I have to say that I was kind of weirded out by it because here's what you do.
When you first wake up in the morning you place one tablespoon of skinny coconut oil in your mouth and begin to swish for 5-20 minutes. 

Move the oil around your mouth, gums and teeth as mouthwash without swallowing 
or gargling it. Then the oil begins to liquefy keep swishing though. You might notice the oil mixture will start to thicken the longer you pull. 

Then after you've completed your 5-20 minutes spit the oil mixture into the trash and 
rinse out your mouth with warm water and brush your teeth.

For better results pull daily and enjoy your whiter teeth, brighter smile and fresher 

Coconut oil can be used as an alternative for: 
Canola oil 
Olive oil 
Peanut oil 


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